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Hi, I’m Emma. And I’m not just your Italy elopement photographer. I’m also your confidant, a fierce believer in squeezing the most out of life, your exploration comrade and support system throughout this beautiful experience. 

Italy is one of the most special countries in the world, and captured my heart when I lived in Rome years ago. Since then, I've returned with my passion of documenting elopements. I can say without a doubt, Italy is one of the best places in the world to elope.

I would be honored to help you plan your Italy elopement - whether it's finding the perfect accommodations, deciding whether to elope in the Dolomites, Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast, I'll be there to guide you throughout every step of the process.

An American Documenting Elopements in Italy

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If you're looking for a Italy elopement photographer, you're in the right place.

A Few Promises as you Italy Elopement Photographer -

01. I will be a creative and intentional elopement guide, asking the right questions, listening to you, and crafting a tailored experience you'll never forget.

02. As an American, I often find myself working with American or English-speaking couples. This is a great relationship, because I will be able to both connect with you in a deeper way and also help you navigate a country I've been to many times.

03. You will receive imagery that moves you. That journalistically tells the story of the day you chose forever. Because great photos come from a great experience, great planning, and a sidekick who can put you at ease.

How to Elope in Europe

This guide covers all the logistics for eloping in many countries in Europe, with Italy being highlighted. Check it out for details on how to elope in Italy.

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An Italian Elopement in the Dolomites

A stormy day in the alps, an airbnb with the full Italian homestead vibes, and an unforgettable experience.

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The Dolomites

As your Italy elopement photographer and guide, I will work with you to ensure you  find the *perfect* location in Italy for your elopement. However, if you want a head start on some of my favorite locations I would recommend for your Italian elopement, start here!


The Amalfi Coast/Ravello


Lake Como


The Dolomites are a huge territory in Northern Italy with *so* many beautiful landscapes to explore. From the towers of Seceda and Tre Cime, to the alpine meadows of Alpi di Suisi, to the incredibly picturesque lakes like Lago di Braies, you cannot go wrong. The Dolomites are where the rugged outdoors meet European luxury. From incredible climbing and hiking, to the refugios along your treks, and the high end hotels to relax for a spa day. You cannot go wrong with eloping in the Dolomites.

Your Italian countryside dream. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and sweet cobblestone corners, eloping in this region of Italy will make you want to buy a villa for all of your friends and family to live on. Luckily, you can still do that for your intimate wedding or elopement. Rent a countryside home with a pool for the multi-day cultural experience of dreams, spending each day in a slow and intentional manner, just as the Italians would.

If the sea speaks to you, the Amalfi coast and surrounding towns like Ravello are where you need to have your wedding. Beautiful hotels, endless water activities in the mediterranean sea surrounded by the towering cliffside town, and an experience you simply will not forget. This location is the perfect vacation getaway for you and your guests to soak up the Italian sunshine and crystal clear waters.

Rome, my heart! My city. Where I lived and where I love. Rome is a must-do on your weddings travels, but there are even incredible places to elope within the Eternal city herself. Spend the morning saying your vows at sunrise at one of the cities many parks that overlook the city, and slowly traipse through Trastevere for the yummiest cafes and resteraunts. I'll be your tour guide!

If you find yourself at peace by still bodies of water, then eloping at the luxurious Lake Como is for you. This is the perfect location to escape to, bring a few of your closest friends, and spend your time immersing yourself in Italian culture and saying your vows in one of the most breathtaking places in the world.

This ancient city by the sea is the perfect getaway. Known for its olive oil production and culinary thrills, you're guaranteed to eat well and live your best life along it's breathtaking beaches. Fun fact, Puglia has the longest coastline of any Italian region. And the architecture is something you cannot miss. For an elopement or wedding with a blend of Italy's finest things - food, beaches and architecture, you'll want to start planning your wedding in Puglia.

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As an Italy elopement photographer, I have come up with an all-inclusive package that is typically a great fit for anyone looking to get married in Italy. That being said, please reach out for more details and custom package options for requests that vary from the offer below. ***No extra fees at all to make your life easy!



+ Full elopement day coverage

+ An extra adventure session exploring a different part of the country or city

+ ALL travel fees***

+ All my best travel and elopement expertise come together to create and incredible experience

+ My Elopement Guide

+ Research and Vendor Recommendations

+ Sneak Peeks Delivered Within 3-5 days!

+ Photos that tell your Story with Intention and Artistic Vision

All inclusive at $9,800

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