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Your Adventure is About to Begin

You, your partner, and your relationship together aren’t cookie cutter.

Why should your wedding be?

Maybe you’re here because you value experiences over things. Moments of impact over strained timelines. In being fiercely yourself and squeezing every drop out of life.

That’s why you deserve a bespoke experience, created with intentionality, research, and expertise in all things eloping, the outdoors and travel. Your elopement celebration deserves just as much attention to detail, care, and excitement as any other wedding. It’s my honor to help craft this once in a lifetime experience for you. 

Beautiful photos pour over from a joyful, easeful, and intentional experience. And that's my promise to you.

Mount Rainier Sunrise Summer Elopement

Mount Rainier Foggy Sunset Elopement

why elope?

01. You get more quality time with your partner

02. It's unique and in alignment to who you are

03. It's sustainable

04. It's focused on experience, not things

05. Less stress (especially when your photographer helps you plan it all!

5 Reasons People Love Eloping

I craft intentional elopement days so you don't have to stress

An all day backpacking adventure

Kayaking through an alpine lake

An epic picnic catered by a personal chef

A sunset picnic at the top of a mountain

A slow day along a lakeside

Go international and elope abroad

A river float after your vows with beers, music, laughter & pals

one bit.

the things you could do are endless:

Connecting with and trusting your elopement photographer is *so* important. Often, your photographer may be the only other person you are sharing this intimate day with, and that requires vulnerability. And vulnerability is what leads to those impactful, storytelling photos that will stick with you forever.

Not only that, but they need to be someone who is beyond competent - researching trails, being a travel-buff, helping you plan the whole thing, and ensuring this process is as easy as possible for you, requires someone who knows what they are doing.

My promise to all who work with me is that I will be a safe space for you, a fun person to share this day with, and I will do everything in my power to ensure you have a wedding day full of adventure and ease.

What you need in your

elopement photographer

What's included in
Washington Elopement Package

My exclusive elopement planning guide

Intentional elopement consulting and research for your location, vendors, accommodations + activities

A custom timeline for your elopement

Unlimited phone calls, consultations, and support

Sneak peeks within a week, print rights, and all the photos of course ✨

An above and beyond dedication to making sure you have the best day ever, and maybe even a surprise gift or 2 😌


What could our elopement really look like?

sample timelines


Noon — Emma arrives at A-frame cabin for getting ready and detail shots

1 PM — First look

1:30 PM — Load up the car and head to a trailhead

2:30 PM — Start hiking, taking it slow so we can stop to take photos, take breaks, and explore

5 PM — Find perfect spot for vows and do the ceremony

5:30 PM — Sign marriage license, pop champagne, have a celebratory picnic and have time together!

7:30 PM — Sunset photos over the mountain views

8:15 PM — Start hiking down with headlamps

10 PM — Reach trailhead, celebrate our time together, and head our separate ways as you begin married life!


1 PM — Emma arrives at Lake Crescent Airbnb for getting ready and detail photos

2 PM — First look along the lakeshore

2:30 PM — Get in the car and head to Hurricane Ridge

3:30 PM — Start exploring Hurricane Ridge, taking photos, taking it all in, maybe reading letters from loved ones

4:30 PM — Ceremony

5 PM — Sign marriage license, celebrate with food and drinks!

6 PM — More photos in the softer evening light

7 PM — Head back to car and drive back to Airbnb

8 PM — Meet up with your closest family and friends at the Airbnb for campfire, smores, whiskey, and celebration

8:30 PM — A few lingering "blue hour" photos along the lake

9:30 PM — Coverage ends and you celebrate into the night

My approach to photography is one of natural & intentional storytelling. My *best* work has always been born out of a connection with my clients, ample space and time to create, and allowing my clients to experience their day rather than just having a photoshoot. I want to capture you at ease, in love with one another, and enjoying this day that marks such an important promise to each other. Plus, I promise we'll have a ton of fun together, which is always joyfully infused into the photos :)

The style of the photos themselves is born out of my many inspirations. They're inspired by film, the textures of the earth, and the power of connection that can be shared between two humans. There is a vintage flair throughout the gallery without a sacrifice to timelessness. True to life, punchy colors. And, variety. Capturing vast landscapes, details, and moments big & small will result in a gallery of images that are dynamic in the way they tell your story.


approach, style, and more

What to expect of the

"Emma made all of our elopement dreams come true!!!! My husband and I both agree that our elopement was the best day of our lives for several reasons, and Emma was certainly one of them. From the moment we met Emma, it was clear that she was not only going to help us create a memorable day, but she was going to make sure she captured our authentic and private exchange with the utmost care, respect, and celebration. We had SO MUCH FUN and her photos are truly stunning! Emma is a good soul who knows how to capture the gorgeous forests of the PNW as well as the important humans in frame. Our photos are not only a perfect reminder of the best day, but are simultaneously beautiful portraits of the lush Olympic forest, rivers, and mountains that we love so much and call home. We can't thank Emma enough for giving us everything we authentically wanted in an elopement - we really could not have asked for anything more!!" - Krista and Glenn


"If you're on the fence and looking for a photographer ... and trying to decide between Emma and one of the many other talented photographers in the area - PICK EMMA.

She made us feel SO comfortable, especially as she captured the most intimate of moments. Like the special moment when my mom dressed my now wife in our traditional Korean clothing.. and when I burst into tears seeing my wife during the first look.

She's also just a wonderful, kind human to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable.... this may seem odd, but like a long-lost friend who you have never met before." - Katie + Sarah


"So, how long have you known Emma?" Several people asked us this during our wedding weekend thinking Emma was just another friend — one of the crew. And that's exactly what she feels like. Emma is so natural and easy to be around that she put us at ease too which is exactly how I wanted to feel on our wedding day. No contrived poses, no stressful timelines. Just us, experiencing our day, trusting that she was working her magic behind the scenes capturing it all. It was a fantastic feeling." - Sarah + Wyllie


"Emma helped us choose our elopement hike by scouting out locations and providing feedback from a photographer's point of view. We met Emma in person for the very first time on the day of the ceremony. Despite it being pitch black outside, she was so bubbly, friendly, and excited to be there! It really felt like we had known her forever and that she was just one of our closest friends accompanying us on our hike."
- Patrick & Oli


"I would highly recommend Emma if you are looking for a wonderful photographer for an intimate wedding/elopement. She was incredibly helpful and communicative the entire planning process and the photos turned out beautifully! She gave us a sneak peek of some finished photos almost immediately after the wedding and delivered the rest a few weeks later! She also brought us a small gift the day of our wedding, which was so surprising and thoughtful! She fit right in with our family and felt like an old friend! Can't recommend her enough, thanks Emma!"- Lindsay and Mason


adventure elopement

packages & pricing

For those who aren't afraid to do something a little different, crave intentional time and experiences together, and want to create a day that will uniquely set the tone for your life of adventure and ease together.


+ My Exclusive Elopement Guide

+ Optional Officiant Services

+ Elopement Consulting (scouting, permits, activity ideas, timeline creation, my outdoor and travel expertise, and more...)

+ All the Hiking and Trekking (no adventure is too big for me!)

+ All Travel Fees Included for Washington State for most Packages

+ Vendor Recommendations

+ Sneak Peeks Delivered within One Week

+ Photos that Retell the Story of your day with Intention and Artistic Vision

washington state ADVENTURE ELOPEMENT

starting at $4,500

These multi-day, intentional celebrations allow for couples to put their wedding into slow motion. Think... a welcome campfire on day 1 with your favorite lawn games and cocktails, an intimate ceremony on day 2 spent spoiling the people in your life and sharing this moment with them, and an adventure session on day 3 for just you and your partner - a time to revel in the weekend, soak each other in, and have a sweet adventure in your wedding attire.

Whether it's a 5 star resort nestled in the mountains, or a group camping site in the desert, these weekends are the perfect way to get intentional about gathering during this sacred time.


+ My Elopement Guide for your Adventure Session

+ Adventure Photos Consulting (scouting, permits, activity ideas, timeline creation, my outdoor and travel expertise, and more...)

+ All the Hiking and Trekking (no adventure is too big for me!)

+ Vendor Recommendations

+ Daily Coverage for a 3-day Event

+ Sneak Peeks Delivered within One Week

+ Photos that Retell the Story of your Weekend with Intention and Artistic Vision

adventure weddings

starting at $7,500 FOR 3-DAY COVERAGE

For Multi-Day Adventure Celebrations

For engagement photos, anniversaries, maternity, or just because! It's never a bad idea to take some time for yourselves, go on an adventure, and have an experience + photos to remind you how much you've grown together.

*These are not for elopements!


+ Up to 2 hours Shooting/Hiking/Exploring

+ All my Best Adventurous Locations to Suggest

+ A Sneak Peek within One Week!

+ Photos that tell your Story with Intention and Artistic Vision

washington state ADVENTURous couple's session

starting at $1,500


work with me

If you're dreaming of adventuring overseas, let's make it reality. No travel fees for the places I'll already be.

+How does booking work?

I keep things simple. Shoot me your inquiry, we schedule a phone call and get to know each other, and after hearing your needs + desires I send over a custom quote just for you. Then we sign a contract and pick a date and we're all set!

+How many hours do we need?

That's another thing we can figure out on our discovery call! Just reach out and we'll find all that out. My most popular package is in the 8-12 hour range.

+can we bring friends or family to our elopement?

1000% yes. Elopements can actually still have up to 12 people in my book to be considered an elopement. And there's dozens of great ideas out there for how to include those closest to you! If this limit is of concern, reach out and we'll talk through some more of my ideas!

+How do I hike in a wedding dress?!

Very fair question! I've got plenty of tips for how to hike with your dress in tow, how to choose a dress that will work best for an adventure elopement, and how to stay fresh and clean if we're doing something that requires getting, uhm, dirty and sweaty lol.

+How far in advance do we need to book?

It really depends! I've booked elopement couples over a year in advance, and I've booked some couples a few weeks before, so don't hesitate to reach out in case I have an opening! Overall, if you book further in advance, you'll have more options as far as popular seasons (July-October) and locations I'm available for.

frequently asked questions

Meet your PNW Elopement Photographer

My name is Emma, and I believe your wedding day should be exactly what you want it to be. No activity is outside the box, or "too much" for your big day.

Your day deserves intentionality, expertise, and photos that will retell it all with the utmost authenticity.

I can't wait to help you elope! 

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