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So your elopement day can be a day full of adventure & ease.

Is there a specific backdrop or scenery that you as a couple are drawn to? Or maybe a National Park or even country you've never visited that you'd like to elope in while experiencing it for the first time?

Think about things like mountains, oceans, forests, deserts, or waterfalls. What speaks to you?

How close do you want to be to a nearby city or town? Do you want to make a full vacation out of it or have activities to surround your elopement day with?

Of course if you have zero clue and are open to suggestions, your elopement photographer can help you choose! Which will bring us to the next step!

#1 Consider


You Would Like to Elope

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The best way to assure you are taken care of and have a stress-free elopement day? Hire professionals to take care of you! I recommend booking your photographer or your elopement planner (if using a planner) first, and we can help you find other vendors such as florists, hair and makeup artists, or any other outfitters for excursions you might be going on.

We've done this a time or two, and are more than happy to make things easier for you so that you can have the best adventurous elopement day ever.



Photographer & Other Vendors

Your Elopement

9 cabins to book for your wa elopement

Now that your elopement photographer has helped you pick out the general area for your elopement, go ahead and book an awesome place to stay!

Whether it's an A-frame cabin surrounding Mount Rainier, a glamping experience in Joshua Tree, or an Airbnb for you and your closest friends, it's important to take this step as soon as possible. Especially in Washington, our summers are busy and things can book up fast! So if you need help finding the best mountain town or lodging recs, let your elopement photographer know you need some help.

If you're traveling at all or coming from out of state, you'll want to book flights, rental cars, etc. as well!




This is where the fun really begins!

I always walk my couples through an exercise that truly helps them envision what their best day ever would look like. 

Whether it's spending time hiking through one of your favorite mountain ranges, or traveling abroad and experiencing an entirely new culture, nothing is too big or too simple. It's completely up to you how you wish to spend this day.

As your elopement photographer, I help consult with you the whole way. If you need an epic excursion idea? I got them. Trail research? On it.

Before you know it, I will have crafted a timeline for the best day ever, and it's gonna start to feel real!

#4 Start


& Unique Adventure Elopement

the Most Epic

the Most Epic & unique adventure elopement

15 unique elopement ideas

Before you know it, your elopement day will be here!

Take a deep breath, make sure your bags are packed, and get ready for a day that you'll remember for a lifetime.

I promise - this day will be full of FUN, emotion, adventure, and ease. I'm already excited for you just thinking about it! 

If you have more questions about the elopement process, I love sharing more in depth with folks on their discovery calls! Shoot me an inquiry and we'll get it all set up!

#5 Have the Best Day Full of

adventure, ease, and love


ease, and love

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