2022 travel + elopement destinations

I am so thrilled to announce that as destination elopements are more of a possibility, that I will be traveling a lot in the year 2022 as your elopement photographer!

Some of these destinations are places I've been yearning to explore for years; such as Utah, Yosemite National Park, Glacier National Park, Alaska and more. Others are familiar friends to me, such as Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park, the North Cascades, and the San Juan Islands. I even am planning on shooting some destination European elopements while I travel there in June - are you trying to join me??

Whether you want to explore the vast ridgelines of a North Cascades Elopement, take on a rugged and wild Alaskan elopement, or travel overseas for an Italian Dolomites elopement or indulge in a Greek Elopement along the coast... I'll be the photographer for you. The photographer that lets you soak in new memories and experiences without interrupting to pose you, the photographer that captures the slightest of details of these foreign places, and the destination elopement photographer that empowers you to have an experience over a photoshoot (and you'll get those authentic moments and emotions captured, of course).


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2022 elopement

where I'm headed + where I want you to Join me! no extra travel fees!

Looking to have an adventurous elopement in the Pacific Northwest? I know a gal! ;)













Olympic Peninsula

*No travel fees for Utah or Joshua Tree National Park

Olympic Peninsula

Washington State

*No travel fees for Utah, or Joshua Tree National Park

Washington State

Yosemite National Park
San Juan Islands

Italy (Dolomites Elopement?!)

Get a head start on your honeymoon by having your elopement one of these places! I'm here to help you plan it all.

Mount Rainier National Park
North Cascades
Oregon State (Portland + Coast)

*Inquire for Alaska, Glacier National Park, or Wyoming availability

North Cascades
Mount Rainier National Park

*Inquire for Glacier National Park, or Wyoming availability

North Cascades National Park

*Inquire for Alaska, Glacier National Park, or Wyoming availability

North Cascades National Park
Leavenworth/Central Cascades
Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula
Joshua Tree National Park

Olympic Peninsula
San Juan Islands

2022 is about to be our year. If you have travel plans either in the States or in Europe, let's meet up and make some magic. And if you're coming to Washington to elope, here are some of my recommendations on location by season! It's going to be an incredible year in the mountains, on the trails, and exploring new places together. 

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calling the pacific northwest home + traveling to new destinations to capture your elopement experience.

Hi! I'm Emma!

As your destination elopement photographer and guide, my goal is simple. To allow you to *truly* enjoy this experience you're having together, and to capture everything from the vastness of the landscape to the way your hands reach for one another.

Whether you're traveling to elope in my home state of Washington, or looking to meet up either in Europe or one of our incredible US National Parks, I promise to provide expert advice on location scouting, accomodations, experiences to sprinkle in and more. 

Travel is a huge part of my life. I've traveled all over Europe, Southeast Asia and the states. My knowledge, ability to research, and travel-savvy ways will allow you to relax and truly enjoy this experience. Think of me as your one-stop-shop for all things eloping afar!

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