I am an elopement photographer based out of the incomparable Pacific Northwest. I operate out of Seattle, Washington, but there’s nothing better to me than exploring every square inch of this magical space I occupy.

My love for photography started young. I was maybe 10 when I picked up my mom’s chunky camera and started documenting everything. Our backyard was filled with so many subjects! The river, the trees, birds nests, flowers, and of course the puppers. My love for nature and capturing it was like meditation for me. 

In 2016 I studied photojournalism on a study abroad program at UW, and that’s where things really took off. I loved photographing humans, architecture, nature, all of it threading together in a way that really made sense for me.

Now I spend my days laughing and connecting on adventures in the pacific northwest with my clients, exploring new locations to play with, and doing my damn best to show people what beautiful works of art they are. Sappy, but true. 

That’s a little about me, but I’d love to get to know you as well over a phone call or a cold beer - I know the best spots for that too ;) 

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Looking to have an adventurous elopement in the Pacific Northwest? I know a gal! ;)

2022 locations + travel

where I'm headed + where I want you to join me! no extra travel fees!

Looking to have an adventurous elopement in the Pacific Northwest? I know a gal! ;)

2022 is about to be an exciting year over here. I am SO excited to announce that along with photographing couples eloping in my beautiful home state of Washington, I am also going to be traveling to other beautiful states in the US, AND I'm gonna be all over Europe!! If miss 'rona has you wanting to get married and FINALLY get traveling, hit me up.

more info on my locations for next year

why elope?

what eloping means to me and why you should elope in the pacific northwest

As an elopement photographer here in the Pacific Northwest, it might be tempting to say I'm only into this because the photos can be pretty epic... and while that is of course true, eloping means so much more to me than that.

Eloping is about empowerment. It's about looking at the ways of the world we live in, and bravely choosing something different. Something that fits you better.

Eloping can be a homage to the natural world - it's more sustainable than a big wedding, it can take place in one of the Pacific Northwest's many ecosystems that speak to you, and it can bring you to a state where you feel more calm and alive at the same time.

Personally, I'm not just an elopement photographer. I'm someone who lives for love, the outdoors, and connecting with other people. It's the dream job. And yeah... we'll get some dope photos too ;)

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