Photography has been a love language of mine for most of my life. Film black and whites from my grandpa, who was also a photographer, were a favorite of mine. 

I’ve always been a big fan of memories and the feeling of nostalgia that only photos can provide (seriously - as a kid I would look through my baby album obsessively). If you’re familiar with the enneagram - I’m a total 4 in that regard. 

I was studying journalism in Rome during college when I decided I wanted to actually pursue photography. Be it a side hustle, or someday a full-time business, I wanted to go after it with my whole being (my enneagram 3 now showing). It took years of countless other jobs while balancing photography on the side, and now I’M HERE BABY!!! Getting to meet the coolest clients and serve them through photography is a damn dream come true. If you’re reading this, YOU are the reason I do this. And documenting lifelong memories for you is my greatest honor in this life.

About emma 

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Hey! I’m Emma. I’m excited we’re getting to know each other.

this is basically our first date ;)



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