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Looking to have an adventurous elopement in the Pacific Northwest? I know a gal! 

Hi, I’m Emma. And I’m not just your elopement photographer. I’m also your confidant, a fierce believer in squeezing the most out of life, your exploration comrade and support system throughout this beautiful experience. I’m a Washington native, and Seattle is my home.

I grew up hiking along the Mountain Loop Highway with a dad that used to mountaineer in the 80's, and would often play in solitude in the yard with my mom’s chunky camcorder - taking photos of the trees, rivers, bird nests, flowers, and of course, our family pets.

In 2016 I studied photojournalism on a study abroad program at the University of Washington, and that’s where things really took off. I loved photographing humans, architecture, nature... all of it threading together in a way that really made sense for me.

When we create together, I carry these promises with me along every step of the way —

• I will be a creative and intentional elopement guide. Asking the right questions. Listening to you. And crafting a tailored experience you'll never forget.

• I will get to know you. Because I care. We just might become best friends after this (like, only if you want to..)

• And you will receive imagery that moves you. That captures you in your most unadulterated form. That journalistically tells the story of the day you chose forever. Because great photos come from a great experience. Great planning, and a sidekick who can put you at ease.

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Ashley + Caroline: Luxury Airbnb & Joshua Tree Adventure Elopement

April 5th, 2021

A dreamy desert airbnb, two bride completely in love, and an adventure through the Mojave desert could not have made me a more fulfilled photographer than I am from this experience.

A few 

Carye + Kyle: A Sunrise Hiking Elopement at Mount Rainier

April 16th, 2021

Carye and Kyle started off their day with saying their vows as the sunrise came over Mount Rainier... It was one of the most beautiful things I've seen. This elopement also included a second hike, and lots of yummy snacks along the way!

Leslie + Andy: A North Cascades Elopement to Remember

OCTOBER 28TH, 2021

These sweet Texans adventured all the way to my favorite park, the North Cascades, for their elopement! This day was an adventure in every sense of the word. Check out all the beautiful details from this day!



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I am a major hobby gal. Cooking, reading, biking around Seattle, camping, interior decorating... the list goes on! Lately I've been starting seeds and building a garden on my new balcony, and learning to rock climb which has been so empowering!

what do you do for fun?

You bet I do. I have the sweetest black and white tuxedo kitty, named Scout! 🥰 I love her lots. I've recently been trying to harness train her so she can join on more adventures.... stay tuned on that one lol...

do you have any pets?

I'm going to Europe this June! I haven't been since I was studying abroad in Italy in college. I'm SO excited to traipse around Iceland, the South of France, Italy, and Greece 😍 (I'm taking on some elopements, too! Might you be joining?!)


I love me some wheat thins, a squished turkey sandwich, some berries and a big ol' bag of Swedish fish.

go-to trail snacks?

Probably that I'm doing what I love most... getting outside and creating art for rad people. And that I get to be my own boss and create my own schedule and boundaries... I never would have fared well in the corporate world!


I promise to give every single client an experience that was worthy of their investment. Listening well, giving expert elopement consulting, and creating imagery that you will cherish forever are values that I do not go back on.

Respect the outdoors so that others and ourselves can enjoy outdoor recreation for the years to come. I ask all clients to sign on Leave No Trace principles in our contract together.

All are welcomed, celebrated, and repected here. I believe that the outdoors is for everybody regardless of race, orientation, gender expression or physical ability. And that everyone deserves a beautiful wedding experience.

you can count on.


As an elopement photographer here in the Pacific Northwest, it might be tempting to say I'm only into this because the photos can be pretty epic... and while that is of course true, eloping means so much more to me than that.

Eloping is about empowerment. It's about looking at the ways of the world we live in, and bravely choosing something different. Something that fits you better.

Eloping can be a homage to the natural world - it's more sustainable than a big wedding, it can take place in one of the Pacific Northwest's many ecosystems that speak to you, and it can bring you to a state where you feel more calm and alive at the same time.

Personally, I'm not just an elopement photographer. I'm someone who is obsessed with getting to know people, creating days that they'll cherish forever, and firmly believes that life is precious and we should just do what we want. 

What eloping means to me and why you should elope in the Pacific Northwest

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