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Will you need a designated driver throughout the day? Maybe have a close friend or family member volunteer to drive you from spot to spot so you don’t have to stress about that. Allow any vendors (probs your photographer!) to help you along with planning and executing this. The point of a courthouse elopement is […]

How to get married at Seattle Municipal Court

How to have a tiny wedding

“How to have a tiny wedding” is something a lot of my couples never thought they’d be asking themselves. They dreamed of the big celebration with all their people, but especially as the past few years have unfolded, they’re finding themselves in a position of, “What if we figured out another way to do this?” […]

7 tips for amazing engagement photos

Alright – who’s ready for 7 tips for amazing engagement photos?! Because let’s be real, there are usually two types of people – there are the ones that are sooo pumped for their engagement sessions, and there are the ones who are, well, less enthused about the whole idea. But here’s the thing – engagement […]

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking a wedding photography package, and planning your timeline from there? Check out this free guide to figuring it all out!

How many hours of wedding photography do you need?

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