The moment everything changed for me was the moment where I leaned over to a trusted friend and said, “Okay, I think I’m gonna sign up for this photography workshop.” It was so expensive. It was led by two photographers I’d admired for years. I had just shot two weddings on my own, completely fallen in love with the process, and secretly decided that this was what I wanted for my life. I’d never spent that much money on anything in my ENTIRE life. What the hell was I doing?

But something inside me changed when I decided to take that chance on myself. It was a quiet whisper deep within me that said, “This just might be worth it. YOU just might be worth it.”

From that moment on, any money I made with photography went straight back into education. Why? Because it was actually helping!! With each step I took toward learning, I would implement more tools, book more clients, and the cycle went on. It was the BEST part of growing this sweet business of mine. 


OMG. A big ol' thumbs up to you for knowing you are worth investing in.

I'm really stinking proud of you.